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When Will Men Stop Abusing Children?

One of the most pervasive forms of abuse at home is husbands and intimate partners beating up their wives and female partners. The vast majority of partner abuse is perpetrated by men. What makes it even worse is that these male bashers include in their repertoire controlling behaviors such as[1] :

Isolating a woman from family and friends,

Monitoring her movements, and

Restricting her access to resources.

This is nothing new. All over the world, too many men still, in the 21st century, believe that they have the right to control their wives’ behavior and that women who challenge that right—even by asking for household money or expressing the need to help their children—open themselves up for further punishment.

It is well documented in history, worldwide, that men believed they had the supreme right and duty to monitor and control their wives’ behavior in every way. Women were expected to tend to the household, mind the children, and always show their husbands obedience and respect. And if sexual advances were refused, too many men had/have no problem with beating their wives to teach them a lessonUnfortuneately, many homes still have these beliefs and expectations today. 

It doesn’t stop there. Much sexual coercion takes place against children or adolescents. During childhood, young girls/boys can become easy targets for older male relatives or friends who obtain sex through force or deception. Later, boyfriends, teachers, relatives, or other men in authority may force young women/men into unwanted sexual encounters.

Until there is a meaningful national discussion on this topic, nothing is going to change.



[1] “Intimate Partner Abuse,” Center for Health and Gender Equality, December 1999

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