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Effective Child Abuse Intervention - Part 2

There is an unusual degree of consensus among child welfare workers, researchers, politicians, criminal justice professionals and the public that the current systems for safeguarding abused and neglected children are hobbled by fragmentation of services and policies.[1] Key problems include:

  • Inadequate service delivery where too many children receive no services,
  • Poorly organized or inadequate family needs/risks assessment and investigative procedures,
  • Insufficient service availability,
  • Lack of emphasis on the development of natural or informal “helping networks” such as friends, relatives, clergy, neighbors, and community groups,
  • A failure to link CPS (Child Protective Services) to substance abuse and domestic violence treatment services despite the identification of substance abuse as the primary presenting problem in their caseloads, and
  • A failure to achieve permanency for out-of-home placements in a timely manner and thereby limit the risks posed by multiple placements and disrupted attachment for the child.

Again, where is the oversight and coordination of these issues at the national level?


[1] “Child Abuse Intervention,” The National Institute of Justice, OJP, USDOJ, October 1997.

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