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This blog is dedicated to the tens of millions of adult survivors of child abuse and neglect who get up every day and try to work and function in a world that seems to not care about us.

Child Abuse Survivors' Voices - Part 3

Over the past 10 years, many survivors have posted comments on blogs I have written (We Are Survivors Blog).  I have taken many of the survivors’ public comments and am sharing them with you. Both their pain and hope for a better future are common threads.

Addressing these tales of abuse and suffering is how we recover. By makingour voices heard and speaking out, we can begin to make a difference in this world. These commentsreveal many of the common struggles survivors face every day.

Survivor #9:  One comment I feel compelled to make is that MANY child abusers are women. I think that gets forgotten a lot, or quickly brushed over, because it is not a pleasant concept.

Survivor #10:  I spent (wasted) three years in my middle 30s working on transforming my life though healthy diet, exercise, and transitioning to rewarding work before finally confronting and understanding the root of most of the difficulties in my life—child abuse, the wasteland of a lost childhood, and a family destroyed because of it. I’ve come to understand that that stuff is so hard for people to take an honest look at it. We, as individuals, and even entire families will just suppress it and not talk about it for self-preservation, but this is 100% necessary for any kind of healing to happen. 

Survivor #11:  I am so concerned for people like us as our society declines with so many broken families combined with economic decline. I really believe there are at least hundreds of thousands, if not millions of us, living with no supportive family relationships and are on the fringes of homelessness due to our difficulty of functioning in society due to child abuse.

Survivor #12:  My brother and I were first abandoned by our mother then left with an abusive father who married a woman who hated and abused us daily. No one cared. It was the 60s and 70s, a time when families were allowed to raise children as they wished. Even extended family members such as my grandmother knew of the abuse and did nothing. Abuse is easier to ignore than fix—then and now. The real abused children hide in the shadows of a reality that society knows nothing about. They keep their secrets to themselves because all children just want is a normal life of peace and love. Outside the home is where you will find that the things your parents did to you will haunt you forever and will not allow you to be just a normal person. When you know how truly evil people can be behind closed doors, it is hard to see the world through the eyes of the majority who have no idea what people are capable of in regards to destroying the innocence of childhood.


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