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This blog is dedicated to the tens of millions of adult survivors of child abuse and neglect who get up every day and try to work and function in a world that seems to not care about us.

Child Abuse Survivors' Voices - Part 11

This is the final post of my sharing some of the comments that survivors have posted over the years. I encourage everyone to share their thoughts and/or experiences on any of my posts (past or future). I understand that stigma and shame are some of the reasons we find it difficult to speak out, it took me a long time to feel safe sharing my story. I hope we are all able to "find our voice" and be heard. 

Survivor #38:  People worry about global warming and such. What about children growing up with such pain and agony that they can barely function? It is the secret that kills us silently, and no one is paying attention. Once a child is violated/abused/neglected, they will never be the same. It is robbery. It is a crime for someone to steal a child’s innocence. And for most of us, the criminal doesn’t pay for his/her crime. They just move on to another victim. The laws are pathetic. Telling a convicted pedophile to register, and poof—they are gone to hurt someone else. Something is wrong with this picture. The laws suck and don’t hold water. They need to be stricter. Some lawmakers must not realize the impact, the life-long impact of an abused child or they wouldn’t be so passive on sentencing. We should ask the President:  “What if something horrible happened to one of your daughters? Would you change your mind?”

Survivor #39:  We don’t talk about it out of fear that people won’t believe us or that we are simply “exaggerating” or that we are weak and can take this, that nothing is wrong. That’s why a lot of victims won’t speak up. They believe this is NORMAL. They don’t know what normal is anymore, or some have NEVER experienced “normal.” They put up with it because they can’t face the fact that these people are not there for them to begin with. It’s a hard fact to swallow. I don’t blame them. And it is not within your capacity to deal with it that keeps the score “even” or “tips the balance” and earns you punishment. You do not deserve this. And not being able to handle it anymore does NOT make you weak in any way. In fact, it means you are getting stronger. It will help you choose another path in life. It is the fear these pricks evoke in us to respect them. But remember, this is not respect. Not one bit. THEY are big, whiny children. WE are the adults. WE are the unbiased minds. WE are the future.  WE are the voices from the dark corners, and WE WILL shed light on this.

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