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Child Abuse Survivors and the Justice System - Part 4

The Catholic Church works very hard to prevent lawsuits against perpetrators—even against those who are not Catholic. For an organization where documented proof has been substantiated of them protecting and hiding child molesters for over 50 years, why do they even have a voice at the table? Are serial child molesters’ opinions considered when developing legislation to protect victims? As someone once told me, “Money and power—that’s all it takes to silence victims.”

In the New York Times on March 13, 2012, there was an article titled “Hurting Victim Advocates.” The new tactic the Catholic Church decided to employ is to stop survivors from suing by silencing the victim advocates. The Church’s latest victim is SNAP (Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests). SNAP has been very successful in supporting survivors in suing pedophile priests. As the New York Times said, “Now the church is using a tactic that could cripple SNAP by embroiling it in costly litigation in which it is not a party. The Church has gone to court to compel SNAP to hand over two decades’ worth of emails and a huge amount of private correspondence with victims, lawyers, witnesses, reporters, prosecutors and the police.”

And yet, the Church has consistently hid, transferred, and protected known child molesters by using the ridiculous rationale that those matters came under private church law. I didn’t realize that the Catholic Church, unlike any other organization in the United States, was above the law—that they were to decide what should be done with child molesters.

And what did they do? They covered up their crimes, moved them to new locations, and let them molest and rape other children. What is wrong with this picture?


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Child Abuse Survivors and the Justice System - Par...
Child Abuse Survivors and the Justice System - Par...


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