We Are Survivors 

This blog is dedicated to the tens of millions of adult survivors of child abuse and neglect who get up every day and try to work and function in a world that seems to not care about us.

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Steps on the Path to Truth

Childhood sexual abuse survivors who seek legal redress against their perpetrators share a common goal: A fair chance to establish the truth of what was done to them as children. No more, no less. But given the unfairness of our justice system’s disposition of survivor cases, that goal is elusive and too often, unattainable. However, this year, there have been some developments – some legal, some global – that could advance incrementally the goal of survivors to obtain justice against their abusers.


Child Abuse Ignored by Clinton and Obama

When I started this website, my very first article talked about the total absence of a national dialogue about adult survivors of child abuse and neglect and abused children in general. Child abuse is the largest humanitarian crisis in America causing tremendous damage psychologically, emotionally, and economically on defenseless victims. And yet, Hillary Clinton and President Obama continue to remain silent. Where is the outrage? Where is the sense of decency and support for the 50 million adult survivors of child abuse who continue to suffer horribly due to the acts of their perpetrator(s)?


Stop Ignoring Child Abuse

Believe it or not, April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. Have you heard any of the major media talk about this? Any members of Congress or President Obama? Survivors are silenced and conditioned from childhood to keep the secret to protect the perpetrators. It seems like most of society are co-conspirators in protecting them as well. If not, where is the public outcry?


Monsignor Lynn’s Conviction Reinstated

             “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”


Stopping Child Abuse - Part 2

America must stop tolerating the crimes of child abuse and neglect. There is more outrage in neighborhoods when someone slashes their tires at night than when they suspect child abuse in their community. What is wrong with this picture? Americans need to take their blinders off and stop this madness. Here are suggestions that can be implemented immediately:1

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