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APA Position on Child Abuse - Part 4

This last part in a series of posts on the American Psychiatric Association (APA) will complete their Position Statement on child abuse and neglect. Their final recommendations state:

“Research is vital for interrupting the intergenerational cycle of abuse. Such research necessarily includes biogenetic, neurophysiological, cognitive, and emotional sequelae of all aspects of child maltreatment and the effectiveness of intervention programs. Such research must involve psychiatrists and must be supported by private and public agencies.

The uniqueness of each child and family must be respected to designing programs for their protection and treatment. Policies and procedures of courts and child protective agencies should include mechanisms for individualized assessment of each child and each family, and supportive and therapeutic services must be tailored to the particular needs defined during these assessments.

This completes APA’s Position Statement on child abuse and neglect. It is beautifully written and covers a lot of territory. It was written 22 years ago and the problems have only gotten worse with the media CEO’s glamorizing sex and violence, the intrusion of porn and predators on the Internet, and the level of crude and belligerent behavior increasing by the American public.

Of all the problems America faces, has anyone heard our President or any member of Congress talk about the mammoth humanitarian crisis of child abuse and neglect occurring in tens of millions of homes every year? NO.

I don’t get it, but I have the hope that one day abused and neglected children and survivors will have their day of justice and compassion.


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