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Addressing Child Abuse With Home Visitation

There has long been a need to work with families to deter child abuse. One avenue the government is endorsing is with home visitations. There is a shared belief that appropriate, early intervention is critical in preventing health, social, and economic problems before they become a family or societal crisis.[1]

Most home visiting programs target families with key risk factors for poor child health and wellbeing outcomes including:

  • Young, first-time parents,
  • Low-income households,
  • Parents with less educational attainment, and
  • Families that live in isolated geographic areas or otherwise lack access to other sources of social support.[2]

By supporting mothers, home visitation programs have demonstrated success in improving child and family outcomes in one or more of the following areas[3]:

  • Child and family safety and stability,
  • Maternal and child health, and
  • Early childhood development.

Home visiting programs provide young and vulnerable parents and parents-to-be with a range of information and skills to keep their children and families healthy, safe, and ready to learn. “As a prevention tool, home visitation is one of the few, widely-evaluated interventions that has been proven effective in reducing child abuse and neglect.[4]

I only wish this type of service was available for all households. It would provide the much needed support and intervention to address child abuse and to support families in building better lives for themselves.

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