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This blog is dedicated to the tens of millions of adult survivors of child abuse and neglect who get up every day and try to work and function in a world that seems to not care about us.

APA Position on Child Abuse - Part 1

I thought it might be helpful for survivors to read the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Position Statement on Child Abuse and Neglect that was approved in May 1991. That was 22 years ago. And yet, there is still no public discussion by the media or any legislator at the national level about this humanitarian crisis. The statement is lengthy, so I have divided it up in to several posts.

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Predictors of Violence in Young Children

When a child is violent, it is often common to relate the cause of such behavior to characteristics of elements outside the family. If there is a lot of unemployment or crime in the neighborhood, it is assumed that these risk factors are the reasons for the child’s behavior. But many children grow up in poor neighborhoods and don’t become violent.

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Women Need Protection in the Military

Several years ago I watched a brave woman soldier testify on Capitol Hill about abuse in the military. Even though it was televised and the politicians talked as if they would do something about it, I knew nothing would change. I grew up in a military family, and no one helped me either.

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Incomplete Criminal Justice Reporting Of Child Abuse – Part 2

Another reporting tool by the Criminal Justice system is the National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS).1 The NCVS is the primary source of information on the characteristics of criminal victimization and on the number and types of crimes not reported to law enforcement authorities. It provides the largest national forum for victims to describe the impact of crime and characteristics of violent offenders. And yet, there are discrepancies in this process as well.

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Incomplete Criminal Justice Reporting Of Child Abuse – Part 1

If you want to tackle a problem as great as child abuse, you at least need to design your reporting systems to capture the data as accurately as possible. The Criminal Justice system in America does not do that. The more survivors understand the issues impacting them, the more informed everyone will be as a community/nation.

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