We Are Survivors 

This blog is dedicated to the tens of millions of adult survivors of child abuse and neglect who get up every day and try to work and function in a world that seems to not care about us.

Sexual Abuse and Adolescent Mothers

It has been substantiated over and over again in research that child abuse interrupts the normal health development of children. It is no surprise then that young girls searching for the love and affection they are not getting at home are reaching out in inappropriate ways. Since their world is so chaotic, their coping skills are minimal, and they feel powerless, too many young girls are becoming pregnant, thus adding another difficult dimension to their lives.

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Preventing Child Abuse

Believe it or not, child abuse has not always been considered a crime. It was thought of as a “family issue.” During the last 50 years, pressure has been put on Congress to do something about the large numbers of children being maltreated and to provide funding for family support, however, it has become primarily a legal issue instead of focusing on the total problem. This means that a lot of money has been allocated in tracking, reporting, and investigating possible cases of child abuse and neglect, but the provision of family support systems has been neglected.

Focus Needs to be on Childhood Trauma

Even though the need to mobilize resources to confront and deal with the issue of child abuse is no secret to those in government and psychiatric communities, why isn’t this discussed on a national level? If traumatized children are identified early enough, it can greatly reduce the total cost to society in dealing with subsequent problems and costs.

Aftereffects for Men Abused as Children

Men, just like women, normally don’t disclose that they were abused as children. Men, however, have an additional burden placed on them because of the stereotypes placed on them by society that they must be “manly” and hide their feelings. All this does is to reinforce the old messages that they are to deny their reality of what happened to them.

What is Sexually Abusive to Children

When a child is violated by a trusted adult or any other person who is older, more powerful, or is in a position of authority over him/her, it creates overwhelming feelings of fear, confusion and overstimulation for the child. The message sent to the child is that his/her body is not his/her own; and his/her sense of comfort, privacy, safety, and trust are severely damaged by such actions. Typically, the child believes that it is his/her own fault, he/she is dirty, he/she has somehow caused the other’s actions towards him/her or he/she deserved the abuse. Feelings of intense shame, guilt, and fear and then embedded into the child’s concept of who he/she is.

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