EDCI applies its funds appropriately, and manages its funds responsibly and prudently. To that end:

  • The strongest priority for EDCI’s funds is to spend them on programs and activities in pursuance of our mission.
  • EDCI maintains effective accounting systems, internal controls, competent employees, reporting procedures, and other resources and practices that are critical to professional management and accountability.
  • EDCI ensures that donations are used as was promised during solicitations and in the manner intended and expected by our donors.
  • EDCI compensates employees, and any others who may receive compensation, reasonably, appropriately, and within the limits of common practice.
  • EDCI pursues all identified possibilities to minimize fundraising costs, recognizing the variety of factors that affect fundraising costs.
  • EDCI ensures that spending practices and policies are fair, reasonable, and appropriate to fulfill our mission.
  • Financial reports are factually accurate and complete in all material respects.
  • EDCI’s financial statements are regularly submitted for independent audit or review.

Openness and Disclosure

EDCI provides comprehensive information to the public.

  • EDCI responds in a timely manner to reasonable requests for information and /documents as required by local, state, and federal laws.
  • Information about EDCI is accurate and honestly reflects our policies and practices.
  • Basic informational data about EDCI is posted on our website or is otherwise available to the public.
  • Financial, organizational and program reports are complete and accurate in all material respects.
  • EDCI and its employees promptly and fully disclose, review and take appropriate actions with any situation that results in a perceived or actual conflict of interest.
  • EDCI and its employees promptly and fully disclose, and take appropriate actions to resolve any situations in which we discover perceived or actual violations of our Code of Ethics.

Program Quality and Evaluation

EDCI is committed to organizational effectiveness and the continuous improvement of its programs.

  • EDCI designs programs and activities to make them responsive to the needs of our guests.
  • EDCI is committed to high standards of excellence and quality for the services and products we provide.
  • EDCI regularly reviews program effectiveness and incorporates lessons learned into future programs.
  • At least once a year, EDCI reviews its internal compliance with this Code of Ethics.