Family Dynamics of Incest - Part 4

I am now going to talk about two types of mothers in incestuous households: the woman who is a nonparticipant and the other who engages in incest herself.[1] They both are guilty of profound neglect and abuse. To actually commit these acts of omission and commission involves a level of unbelievable denial and lack of any human regard for their children.


Parenting a Sexually Abused Child

Children who have been sexually abused and placed in foster care or are adopted need rules to help provide structure, comfort and security. Experts in the field of adoption and child sexual abuse believe the guidelines listed below will help the child to build trust with their new family.1


Cost of Protecting Children

Since the cost of making sure children are attended to properly is hardly ever discussed openly, I thought it would help to shed some light on this. Federal, state, and local legislatures preside over the allocation of hundreds of billions of tax dollars every year because of abusive parenting. We don’t talk openly in America about the tens of millions of children being abused each year, and we certainly don’t talk about what it costs us. So, I am providing a glimpse of what goes on in legislatures all over this country every year.


Narcissistic Parents Are Harmful To Children

Did you grow up with a narcissistic parent? Both my mother and father were and, unfortunately, I was the brunt of their angry and selfish behaviors. Narcissists have an inordinate fascination with themselves. They would rather risk the loss of true relationships than reveal a chink in their fragile egos.


America's Child Welfare System a Disgrace

The Brookings Institute conducted a six year study and published its findings in 2007 in a report titled, “Child Protection and Parent Training Programs.” They wanted to: