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Birthdays for an adult survivor of child abuse/neglect many times are not a happy event. Instead, they are reminders of all they missed when growing up: smiles, hugs, parties - especially if their perpetrator was a family member or caregiver. Birthdays can also remind survivors of the negative messages they received; that he/she did not deserve "birthday" recognition. We at EDCI want to change that.

Survivors of child abuse and/or neglect are special people. They are women and men who work hard every day to heal from their trauma. Some are struggling just to live. Most survivors have never told anyone about their abusive past, but we want to embrace their courage and resilience.

We want to send a birthday card to any adult survivor of childhood abuse and/or neglect who registers with us. Friends and/or loved ones are encouraged to ask a survivor to participate. All information will be kept confidential!

We look forward to celebrating your next birthday,


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