Neil Jaffee

Neil Jaffee is legal counsel for the Vertigo Charitable Foundation, LLC. Prior to holding that position, he was for over 20 years an Assistant Federal Public Defender for the District of Columbia, where he handled cases on both the trial and appellate levels.

For much of that time, he supervised the office’s Appellate Section. As such, he represented indigent clients charged with federal crimes and observed first-hand how an abuse history led many clients to become involved in the criminal justice system. In addition to writing appellate briefs, he wrote summaries of important federal case decisions that were disseminated to the lawyers in his office and to other federal practitioners. Mr. Jaffee has taught trial practice at the Georgetown University Law Center and the George Washington University School of Law, and appellate advocacy at the Catholic University’s Columbus School of Law.

Mr. Jaffee also is the Co-Producer of the film documentary, Pursuit of Truth: Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Seeking Justice. In that capacity, he was responsible for legal research and script writing. He assisted in the interviews and selection of survivors and experts, participated in the film shoots, and took part in the editing process. He has written articles on the legal rights of adult survivors and has participated in panel discussions, film forums, and legal symposiums on that subject. He is a member of the National Crime Victim Bar Association and the National Alliance of Victims’ Rights Attorneys.