EDCI has worked very hard over the past five years providing education about child abuse and neglect from radio and television venues to symposiums and local gatherings; many times reaching audiences around the globe. While we have not been able to provide a physical safe haven for survivors, we are working diligently to open our first center in Baltimore. Some of our major accomplishments from the past five years are listed below. 

This past year we are thrilled to report the launch of our new initiative: Celebrating Birthdays! We were able to exceed our fundraising goal and are now ready for survivors to register. For more information about the program and to register go to Birthday Initiative. Below we have highlighted some of our previous accomplishments.



Survivors' Comments

"I like the focus on having a place to just be. Sometimes nothing needs to be said. Sometimes it is just the knowing that others share your journey. I like to envision the Center as a place where people can learn/practice social skills as a major effect of abuse is isolation."


"There are no support groups to meet other survivors nor is there a safe place to go to when one needs support or just to be around others. There should be an EDCI center in every state."


"I love the idea of no therapy rooms. I knew there were people out there with similar stories. It is good to feel that someone understands."


"I don’t want to spend the rest of my days in isolation vulnerable to re-victimizing and more losses. I cannot allow the status quo to continue if I want to survive/thrive. And from all evidence to date, it doesn’t look like I can end my isolation. Ending isolation is a pivotal risk to most survivors, so your Center will be a godsend."


"We are the different ones who don't fit into society. No one cares is the theme of my life as an incest survivor."