Board of Directors

Conference RoomEDCI has an active governing body—the Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for setting our mission and strategic direction, and overseeing the finances, operations and policies of EDCI. The governing body:

  • Ensures that all Directors understand and fulfill their governance duties acting for the benefit of EDCI and its public purpose.
  • Ensures that EDCI conducts all transactions and dealings with integrity and honesty.
  • Ensures that all Directors have the requisite skills and experience to carry out their duties.
  • Provides credible and effective oversight to EDCI’s work.
  • Complies with applicable federal, state, and local laws, regulations, and fiduciary responsibilities.
  • Has a Conflict of Interest policy to ensure that any conflicts of interest, or the appearance thereof, are avoided or appropriately managed through disclosure, recusal or other means.
  • Is responsible for monitoring the performance of the Executive Director.
  • Respects the confidentiality of sensitive information about our donors, constituents, employees and guests.
  • Ensures that EDCI promotes working relationships among Directors, employees, volunteers, and program beneficiaries that are based on mutual respect, fairness, and openness.
  • Ensures that EDCI is fair and inclusive in its hiring and promotion policies and practices for all employees and volunteer positions.
  • Ensures that important EDCI policies are in writing, clearly articulated and officially adopted.
  • Ensures that EDCI’s resources are responsibly and prudently managed.
  • Ensures that EDCI has the capacity to carry out its programs effectively.

Diane Champé, President

Diane Champé is retired from a Fortune 20 company where she was a Marketing/Sales Strategic Planner on the Regional Vice President’s staff. She is a Subject Matter Expert (S.M.E.) on issues relating to child abuse and neglect. As a survivor herself, she dedicates her efforts toward working on behalf of adult survivors, publishing books/information and speaking publicly about the long-term effects of child abuse and neglect.

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Tom Pace, Vice President

Tom Pace is a successful businessman with skills in relationship development, sales techniques, diplomacy and tact – all of which will benefit EDCI in its efforts in both attracting new members and marketing our unique approach in working with adult survivors of child abuse.

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Laura Lewis, Secretary

Laura Lewis has a BS degree in Psychology with a minor in Biological Sciences (August 2015) from UMBC where she graduated Magna Cum Laude. As a student she learned  the value of community service – especially service in diverse and cross-cultural communities.

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Brian Blake

Brian Blake is a school administrator for a public separate day school for students with disabilities in Baltimore City. He has spent close to nineteen years advocating for transforming at-risk learners into becoming successful contributors towards promoting the betterment of society.

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Lauren Lewis

Lauren Lewis is a graduate of Anne Arundel Community College. She earned her Associate of Arts degree in Transfer Studies. Her certifications and training include Group Communications and Leadership, Principles of Management, and Computing and Information Technology. She has spent the last seven years working at a Christian Academy in the afterschool program. She has excellent mediation skills and skills in customer service, working with a diverse and multicultural population.


Linda Garnett

Ms. Linda Garnett is a Licensed Graduate Social Worker with a concentration in working with juveniles, community partnerships and mental health organizations.  She is active in her community and has an 25 year employment tenure with the University of Baltimore as an Academic Program Specialist and an adjunct faculty member.

Board Member Qualifications and Application

Serving on the Board of Directors is a big commitment and should be considered carefully before submitting an application. Without our oversight of organizational accountability, transparency, and sustainability planning, EDCI would not be able to provide this much needed service to our guests.

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